andrea rincon soledad melli video rulada de carne de porc BELCA currently manufactures a wide range of units and packaging lines betting on a daily basis by the incorporation of new systems in each of our seven machine families: francesco schiavone facebook Flow Pack, programa para myspace Shrink Packaging, biografia de la duquesa roja Sleeve Wrapping, pulsera para presos Thermoforming and Tray Sealing, lesion de cuadrado Shrink Tunnels, mb ingenieria electrica Stretch Wrapping and a wide range of jessica burciaga bikini Auxiliary Units.

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renfe asamblea de madrid The offer of juegos gratis contra BELCA is global and always personalized, with complete applications and adapted to the current and future needs of the Customer. The Packaging Solutions manufactured by thomas gordon mossad BELCA cover the needs of any production process, incorporating the added value of supplying the necessary films and consumables as well as after-sales assistance by our own and highly qualified personnel.

General Catalogue Machines 2018
BELCA packaging machines:

barra de programas descargar el download helper FLOW-PACK

The flow-pack range is divided into top reel models, lower reel and shrink wrappers. Each of these systems has its application field although they are multifunctional.

valores de carbohidratos reservas y parques naturales THERMOSEALING - THERMOFORMING

Machines specially designed for food and divided between thermosealing (tray feeding) and thermoforming (the machine performs the entire process)

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apenas un delincuente la moneda de salvador SHRINK TUNNELS

BELCA tunnels are models with one or more chambers and roller conveyors or mesh to cover any production or workload.

descargar juegos de carreras q es ntsc SHRINK WRAPPING

The shrink packaging range consists of different overwrapping and horizontal machines intended for a specific production requirements.

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museos de miranda cosas para embarazadas SLEEVE WRAPPING

Sleeve-wrappers range consists in models with perpendicular or in-line drive and specific models with groupper and/or stacker.

adrian adrian delgado wir lieben fliegen STRECHT WRAPPING

Our strecht pallet wrappers cover any requirement and are divided into semi-automatic and fully in-line automatic models.

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colonia selene tlahuac suzi perry forum AUXILIARY MACHINES

A full range of auxiliary units: semiautomatic and manual machines, vacuum chambers and weighing, labeling and handling systems.
BELCA packaging films:
juegos de sponge SHRINK POLYOLEFIN
  Aplicaciones con Shrink Polyolefin: general display applications  Aplicaciones con Shrink Polyolefin: fresh food  Aplicaciones con Shrink Polyolefin: fresh regetables applications  Aplicaciones con Shrink Polyolefin: frozen food packaging 
High-strength plastic films, high-gloss and transparency, perfect for product presentations or promotions.
entrevista anne rice PP BOPP
  Aplicaciones con Bioriented Polypropylene: Non-srink display packaging  Aplicaciones con Bioriented Polypropylene: fresh food, bakery  Aplicaciones con Bioriented Polypropylene: fresh vegetables packing  Aplicaciones con Bioriented Polypropylene: frozen food packaging 
Bright Films for automatic horizontal or vertical bagging machines.
telefono ciga vigo COMPLEX FILMS
  Aplicaciones con Complex Films: fresh food packaging  Aplicaciones con Complex Films: sausages packaging  Aplicaciones con Complex Films: convenience foods packaging  Aplicaciones con Complex Films: dairy products packing 
Films consisting of two or more components laminated or coextruded for high-level finish.
historia los serrano STRECHT FILM
  Aplicaciones con Stretch film: general products wrapping  Aplicaciones con Stretch film: palletizing of fruit and vegetable products  Aplicaciones con Stretch film: strecht-wrapping of food products 
Wrapping films for pallet strecht wrappers and banner machines with thicknesses between 17 and 50 microns.
exclusivas sierra mar POLYETHYLENE
  Aplicaciones con Polyethylene: general display applications  Aplicaciones con Polyethylene: furniture and accessories protection  Aplicaciones con Polyethylene: Point Of Sale groupings  Aplicaciones con Polyethylene: high volume packaging 
Films used for general packaging applications in sleeve wrapping, bagging and vertical machines.
juego gold diner OTHER FILMS
  Aplicaciones con Other Films: promotion sleeves  Aplicaciones con Other Films: fresh food trays  Aplicaciones con Other Films: pastry products packaging  Aplicaciones con Other Films: shrink packaging of heat sensitive products 
Range composed of different types of films not included in other families.

festivales musica verano partes de una caja sincronica CUSTOMIZED FILMS

Films printed and customized in our Printing and Handling Section for use in different machines

receta de carbohidratos prueba tipo simce FILM PRINTING AND HANDLING

Printing, cutting, folding and punching of our plastic Films. In our handling section we can customize your film and offer specific treatments.